Tempus Alba

Tempus Alba Carril P. Moreno 572, Coquimbito, Maipú.   Tempus Alba is located in the First Zone Wine of Argentina lying on the Cordon del Plata where the landscape is already a privilege. Winery where technological development innovation and enhance the character and tradition of their vines, inviting enjoy both […]

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Trapiche Mitre s/n, Coquimbito, Maipú.   Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, its symmetrical shapes, monumental f’ade, slender design and overall practical purpose make this building one of the greatest examples of its style in Argentina. The facing brickwork shows the ability of the craftsmen who arrived from Northern Italy bringing […]

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El Enemigo

El Enemigo Videla Aranda 7008, Maipú.   El Enemigo translates as the enemy. Nodding to the fact that at the end of any journey, most remember only one battle — the one fought within (the original enemy). This is the battle that defines us. The wines of El Enemigo are […]

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